Welcome to Cool Sack!

Welcome to Cool Sack! Our freezable wine bags, insulated wine bags and freezable koozies, such as beer koozies, are the perfect way to keep your cans and bottles cold in any kind of heat. If you have ever wished that you could keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for a longer amount of time, then our line of Cool Sack products are for you. All you need to do is freeze any of our reusable products, and you are ready to go!

Cool Sack beverage chilling products are designed to keep your drinks cooler longer and, in the process, make your life just a little easier. All six of our Cool Sack options have been designed to meet a different need… and do it in style. So whether you need insulated wine bags or beer koozies, this is the place to find them.

Whether you are simply looking to keep your beverage can cold longer, are delivering wine to a party with wine bottle wraps, Cool Sack is there with an affordable, durable and stylish option that will fit the occasion.

Our goal is to make sure that every aspect of your Cool Sack product was given great care and attention including ergonomics and quality materials. The end result was six fantastic beverage chilling Cool Sacks that don’t just keep your beverages cool, but also make you look good doing it!

Your Six CoolSack Options- Just Freeze and Go!